A twenty-year musical career is the time during which Denio Barani, a.k.a. Danny Lloyd experienced many genres whilst continuing to create music and shape his own artistic personality with an eclectic sensibility. From his studio of a small town of Tuscany he shares his music creating a personal sound which is the most important aim of his work. His passion for the “muse of muses” started very young leading him on to approach the art of composition and experiment with instruments. Danny passed through many artistic phases. He started experimenting genres as chill out, jazz, jungle and funk (“ADDV”, “Ukit”, “Dream Man”, label Confusion). Releases with labels as Proton Music, Particles, Kumquat, Bellarine Recording, Drops and Aquasound belong to Danny Lloyd’s “minimal phase” and display his careful search in choosing and editing sounds, always trying to lean on the analog sound. In 2009 Danny Lloyd released “Beyond the Dome” (original mix by Alex Rize, Proton Music) and he finally understood that he wanted to make sounds with a more progressive edge. His productions became more and more melodic without losing the energy, thanks to the “big groovy wall” he set up. The intensity is created through the addition and subtraction of sturdy sound layers. With the help of his old friend Andrea Cassino, they created a duo project called Nocturna. The debut was related with the name of Sudbeat Music, which released the ep called “Big Bang” resulting in two original mixes and two remixes, by the owner label Hernan Cattaneo and the Italian DJ producer Graziano Raffa. “Espejismo” (Particles, 2015) is the final term of Danny Lloyd’s production. Three original mixes close this circle leading to the end line and being the summary of his whole career. Lloyd’s music has been compared with the manta’s movements, an animal whose shape swimming is similar to a flight. Sinuous and soft but also strong and overwhelming as Danny Lloyd’s music, this image goes along with him during his entire career ideally describing the way he conceives music. The result is music that slides gently and strongly at the same time, “the manta’s flight”. Receiving artistic support from all over the world, he especially traveled through Italy, Tunisia and Argentina. Hernan Cattaneo, Paul Oakenfold, Tony Thomas, Robert Babicz, Guy J, Francesco Farfa, Guy Mantzur, Dousk, Darin Epsilon, Sonic Union, Chicola, Rich Curtis, Antrim, Martin Garcia are just some artists who gave their support to Danny Lloyd’s career. Danny also participated in many radio shows: “Elements” (Proton Radio), “6th Auditorium” (Frisky Radio), “Farfa Sound” (Pioneer Radio).